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I have found each week that the Medicine Card is so appropriate

and the exact message needed to set the tone for the week.

It serves as a great guide and reminder.  Enjoy!


Check in Every Sunday for

the Medicine of the Week!

August 10 - 16, 2014



ANT (#32) ~ Patience

Ant can carry a leaf over hundreds of miles just to get it back to the anthill. Ants in Africa will strip a forest bare when food is scarce, if it takes them a year. Ant’s medicine is the strategy of patience. Ant is a builder like Beaver, is aggressive like Badger, has stamina like Elk, scrutiny like Mouse, and give-away like Turkey. Every Ant in an anthill is part of the Ant “group mind,” as all the Ants work for the Queen Ant and the hive. Self-sacrifice is a part of Ant medicine. Greater than Ant’s other medicines, however, is patience. Ant people are active, community-minded folks who see the greater future needs of their town. Ant people are planners, like Squirrel, and are content to see their dreams being built a little at a time. In today’s society that is a rare quality. In the desert, one type of Ant will burrow a conical hole with its apex at the bottom. The Ant will cover itself and patiently wait for some unsuspecting insect to fall in. As the sand crumbles, the prey eventually falls to the bottom, only to find Ant’s open jaws. Patience does have its rewards!

MORE ...

Ant people have a knowing about the sweet victory at the end of the line. There is never a concern about “going without” if they are late for the opening of a sale. If what they want is sold out, they are sure that something equal or better is available. If you have Ant medicine, you eat slowly and deliberately and are content in knowing that “what is yours will come to you.” This knowing is good medicine. It shows a trust in the Universe to provide.

If Ant meandered into your spread today, it is time to show a little trust and patience in some life situation. You may have forgotten that you will always receive that which you need, at the time you need it most. If it is not on the horizon or just around the next anthill, you may need to use some strategy. How can you put to use your power of creation until “it” arrives - whatever “it” means to you at this time?

Ant is working for the good of the whole. Are you? If you are, be assured that the whole wants the same goodness for you, and that it will be provided.

CONTRARY:  If you are operating from Shadow ...


Watch out! Here comes the sting! If you are in a hurry, you may fall prey to those who are not working for the good of the whole of humanity. Those individuals who make greed a way of life prey on the fear and urgency of those who have forgotten natural and tribal law. It’s easy money! If this warning applies to you, become aware of users and con artists.

In the contrary position, Ant also teaches you to TRUST natural law. If you do, harmony always follows. Your silly impatience will bring Coyote to aid you in sabotaging your plans for the future if you allow your panic to outweigh your rational sensibilities. The key here is to honor the will of the Great Spirit, so that mountains are not made out of anthills.




~ The Medicine Cards ~ The Medicine Cards

The Discovery of Power

Through the Ways of Animals

~ Text by Jamie Sams & David Carson

~ Illustrations by Angela Werneke

~ Published by St. Martin's Press


I have found each month that the Lunar Guidance is so supportive,

while also providing concrete direction.  Whatever oracle used, we

find clarity that inspires action & ideas sometimes overlooked.


Check around the *20th* of each month for

the Lunar Guidance of the Month!

*LEO/AQUARIUS* Lunation ~ 2014

~Note from Kelly ~

This month supports purging, purifying & stabilizing on multiple levels. An added, expanding element is Jupiter moving in to Leo (7/16) for the first time in 12-years!! So my Fixed Babies (and the Fixed areas of the rest of our charts) are up for a familiar *evolution* ~ LEO = Self-Love, Magnetism, Courage to be Authentic Self, Rooted/Sourced in the Heart & Radiant Creativity (among many other things and Shadow = ego & looking like something rather than 'being' it). So, while ALL of us will benefit from this infusion of fun, expansive, creative energy, my Fixed Babies will feel it the most intensely. This month's Lunation is our introduction to how it will feel on a *personal* level and the Divinations are AMAZINGLY specific & supportive!! The other thing that this entire year of Jupiter in Leo is activating & awakening us to - has to do with the next Venus Cycle (June 2015), whose theme will be LEO. Again, that will make it *personal* for us and this is preliminary groundwork. Jupiter is going to illuminate & expand ALL Leo concepts for a once-in-12-year Birthing of a New, more Authentic & Heart-Centered, Truth & Story.


The *LEO* New Moon (7/26) is annual *Initiation* of the New YOU! on a core, essential level. It is time to reconnect with your Heart and begin to tap into the courage to live Authentically, here and now. It's time to have 'Faith' in what you personally are here to express, this lifetime. Use this month to connect to a completely NEW way of expressing your true Self and the infinite creativity that wants to come through you. HINT: Start with the Heart! What do you LOVE to experience? to express)?

LEO  New Moon ~ July 26, 2014



~ WATER ~ 6 ~ Faith ~


"Having learned that the answer to your question lies within, surrender to faith; be innocent, remain innocent; take great pleasure in your childlike qualities; experience the world as if you are seeing it for the first time; you are taken care of in all ways. This is the time to trust. The challenge of the Six of Water, Faith, is to become like a child. Open to learn, and you will become like a fulcrum holding in balance the above & below, the male & female forces, and the processes of construction & destruction. You will stand balanced between all the planes or dimensions of existence: action, emotion, thought, body & spirit. In standing balanced, you are attuned to divine purpose. In balance, you stand in unity and beauty. The realization that you have glimpsed the inner seed of understanding is the key to the message of the Six of Water. Have faith that you walk in beauty & unity. Walking in the light - which emanates from darkness - is the key to healing."

- Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The Scorpio First Qtr Moon (8/3) which brings the first step ~ up and in to a new level of power for you. You are literally conceiving a New YOU! one that gets an annual makeover this time every year, but add Jupiter and bigger themes, tests & triumphs expand the possibilities in potent ways.Often, to move in new directions, a sacrifice or ending has to happen first. Make sure that your Soul and your Heart are communicating, then the new realms you may soon find yourself working & playing in, will be rich & rewarding. That said, the rewards will be equal to what to you believe you are worth; the sense of passionate purpose will be equal to how authentic & creative you can be, naturally. Scorpio represents Soul Level/Raw Truth, so this week may bring your breaking point, in that, you can no longer continue to 'go along to get along'. You will be forced to honor your Soul Self and take a brave step into the Unknown ... trusting your Heart and your own instincts! A deeper commitment to daily/ongoing (6th House) focus or active practice (Leo Sun) will set you up better, for living the Highest Truth (9th House) of your Soul (Scorpio Moon). This will enable you to express more Light and magnetize more beauty & abundance, and ultimately benefit from Jupiter's 1-year stay.

SCORPIO First Qtr Moon ~ August 3, 2014


~ XVI ~ The Tower ~

"A series of insights propels you to new awareness; you have outgrown the old structure - physical or mental - you built; you must destroy this structure (or allow it to crumble) in order to make room for the new structures you need; you may have to sacrifice certain things in order to grow; you may find yourself changing quite a bit; search your heart for answers; we often have to give up before we can gain. The Tower can be seen as 1) our own physical body, 2) our own personality, 3) the structures we erect as an individual, and 4) the structures or institutions we create as a society. The Tower represents, in a sense, both the individual and collective "language" we use to describe our world. Our individual and collective symbolic system, as we repeat it over and over, acts to hold certain realities in place. The Lightning Flash represents new perception, new description, new words, new symbols. Through new symbology, we transcend our imprisonment and also our isolation.


XVI ~ The TOWER  (cont'd)

The activating or exciting intelligence of Key XVI, The Tower, shakes us into awareness through bringing us face to face with destruction. We must embrace such destruction to move into freedom. Resistance gets us nowhere. In allowing ourselves to fall toward an unknown future, we begin to understand the meaning of Self-Realization ultimately, the bliss of satori (enlightenment)." 

- Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The *LEO* Gate of Power/Cross Qtr (8/7) is about *PRESERVING* what is growing strong, solid, useful and nourishing ... while releasing density, weight & excess to be composted in to something more useful in the season to come. It's a time of gratitude & celebration, in anticipation of the Fall Equinox season of Harvest. Some call this the Pre-Harvest. You can get a jump-start on assessing the year if you've completed your "clearing & releasing" process. If not, this is the final *purge* in preparation for the Harvest Season. Artemis, Goddess of Moon & Hunt is also associated with this Sacred Season and supports us this season to drop deep in to our Hearts (Leo) to connect with what we really love, and renew our dedication to that. It's time to position your Self for an expanded perspective at this time. Explore your options with fresh eyes! Allow your instincts to guide you on your Path and Trust the Divine Feminine within & around you, that She will *contain, nurture and protect* all life, now and always. Artemis reminds us to honor that which sustains us and to always aim your magical arrow at only the most precious dreams, your deepest heart's desire.

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(USEFUL & RELEVANT: Aug 1 - Sept 22, 2014)

LEO Gate of Power/Cross Qtr ~ August 7, 2014



~ VIII ~ Strength ~


"The truth comes from within yourself, it is your own deep inner light which, in good conscience, you ought to follow if you wish to discover happiness; this truth uncoils within you like a great serpent, acknowledge its movement, do not try to repress its stirrings; be strong and courageous for you will find that truth is bliss; seek bliss to find bliss; even though you cannot see the future right now, if you do what your heart of hearts says is right, you will come to happiness. The lesson of Key VIII is to place your emphasis on the process of creation as opposed to the product. The essential experience of Key VIII is understanding the jubilation that emerges from allowing the creative force to flow freely. The creative process is the force of spirit moving through the hand of Self. Product is static and flat. Product is form which will always be outgrown and cast aside. Form is an empty shell. Force is the breath and the source of life.

XIII ~ Strength (cont'd) The force/process is the spirit in constant renewal; the focus of force is on beingness. The future is, by nature, uncertain. The past is no longer. The now is. In the process of being, you are, at all times, engaged in the endless cycle of repetition and renewal. The past is not this moment and yet this moment is forever moving into the past. Your Strength comes from understanding the timelessness of process. Process is forever. This knowledge is your power. This knowledge becomes your bliss. When you are rightly attuned, the force of your internal fire - the lifeforce and seat of your power - is strengthened by the Wind. Only when your flame is weak does it require protection."

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The *AQUARIUS* Super / Full Moon (8/10) is the second of three in a row, flushing your systems of any residue of your former Self. No matter who you are, we have all been *upgraded* in a sense, rebirthed on multiple levels and we're only now beginning to truly assimilate 'The Shift of 2012' on a personal/individual level. It's time to make the connection between Head & Heart, between your Soul and your Personality and get them congruent, on the same team and working together for your greater good. Jupiter's once-in-12-year addition allows you a huge upgrade to your consciousness. Leo/Aquarius energy/lesson is all about learning who you are as a unique individual and then determining where you can contribute the most, to the collective community ... just be being your Self and loving who you are! This Super Full Moon has added *juju* to help you release anything blocking the full potential of embodying your essential nature and contributing your unique gift to the Collective. It's time to activate your most heart-centered, authentic Self & release all ego-attachment, self-righteousness, denial & rigidity.


You are deeply supported to release all that is no longer "truth" for you, on all levels.Begin the process of integrating these amazing new aspects you've recently discovered (or recovered) about your Self and HONOR who you have worked so hard to become! As you integrate on this new level, your ego may struggle against the shift. These inner urges (the ego) should be handled with strength & firmness, yet NOT repressed & broken or we lose power & potency to survive & make our way in life. As you allow both Spirit & ego to co-exist, assigning them both tasks best suited to their skills (and nature), you will discover your Authentic Self & Unique Gift. Often, we don't express the authenticity that would enable us to create fulfilling lives. It's time to practice being authentic, honoring your nature & sharing your gifts, until it's automatic. You can & will survive all the humiliations & defeats, and ultimately, emerge stronger, more vibrant and alive!

AQUARIUS Super/Full Moon ~ August 10, 2014


~ XI ~ Karma/Justice ~


"Do not deny the consequences of your actions; own the results of your thoughts, words and deeds, for even thought constitutes action in the energy cycles of the universe; adjust your actions and embrace love; remember these words: "Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." At Key XI, Karma, you are experiencing karmic adjustments in your life. Your thoughts and actions of the past have led to your present state. You have seen that your actions produce consequences. You are aware of your actions and are capable of discerning whether they are right or wrong. Whatever is happening now, you will probably be able to pinpoint its causes in the past. As the Buddha said, "If you want to know the past, look at your present. If you want to know the future, look at your present." The conditions of present reality reflect past thoughts and deeds. In general, we use the term karma to refer to fate or destiny.


XI ~ Karma/Justice (cont'd) Fate & destiny represent the workings of the divine law of cause and effect. Every action entails a reaction.As the divine law of cause and effect, karma is a continuous process. This means that the way the individual responds to circumstances determines quality of life for the present, as well as for the future. This applies to circumstances of the mind, spirit, feelings and body. Through our reactions, we create our own karma. Of course, we cannot regress and change the circumstances of our birth - the composition & condition of our family of origin - are an example of "fixed karma", a fate that has been cast and a fact over which we currently have no control. The way we react to our circumstances, however, represents "mutable karma". It is through mutable karma that we have the potential at each moment to alter the course of our future. We can alter our fate. Thus, will is the key to freedom. We must choose to do right & exert our will in that direction."

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The *TAURUS* Last Qtr Moon (8/17) may bring some results or rewards of your recent labors, but ultimately, it is about evaluating what is sustainable for you, and what is not. Last Qtr Moon pulls your focus inward, to personally *feel* what needs to be further cultivated, and what needs to be released altogether. It's time to question the worth & value of what's in front of you at this time. Will it create more stability or chaos for you? and which would be more useful? It also demands that you do this processing in your BODY, literally, physically. If you've done all of the above Leo Self-Work of rebirthing your identity and who you are in the world, then this is the time to establish the base or foundation of that New YOU. Taurus' aspect of the base has to do with food, sex & money ~ our literal security needs and where any famine may be growing. What are you starving/thirsting/yearning for? Start there and add it to the new identity *brew*. The Guidance below reminds us of the value of balancing & activating the Elements in our lives & bodies (and planet). Essentially, YOU are the center-point, then you have Above & Below, Four Directions & Elements to work with: Fire/South (your spirit), Water/West (your emotions), Wind/East (your intellect), Earth/North (your body).

TAURUS Last Qtr Moon ~ August 17, 2014



~ EARTH ~ 1 ~ Form ~


"You are receiving the gift of productivity; something new is happening to you physically or materially; you are engaged in promising new endeavors; you are beginning to move toward a state of true external success and internal harmony; in order to arrive at a state of wealth, you must pay constant attention to the state of your spirit, heart and mind as you work through your daily routines.This card represents a change for the better in the physical body, the beginnings of financial gain, the acquisition of material objects. When you are at this point, you are in a state of readiness to live in internal and external wealth. Your body and soul are moving toward a state of harmonium (harmonic union). Everything you need is at hand. At this point, you know that wealth - which represents an exalted state spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically - ought to be the natural condition.

EARTH ~ 1 ~ Form (cont'd) In order to attain and retain such wealth, however, you have learned that you must respect, and not deplete, the principle source of your wealth which is balance in wholeness. Balance in wholeness means remaining centered in your life in the arenas of the elements: Fire (your spirit), Water (your emotions), Wind (your intellect), Earth (your body). If too much emphasis is put on any one of these areas, to the exclusion of other areas, you will fall out of balance and unhappiness will result."

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -



Tarot of the Spirit ~ TarotOfTheSpirit.com

~ Written by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D.

~ Artwork by Joyce Eakins, M.F.A.

~ Published by Weiser Books

Writing, Classes, Counseling ~ PamelaEakins.com

Pacific Mystery School ~ LightningSpiral.com

Adventures in Consciousness with Dr. Pamela Eakins

I have found each month that the Solar Guidance is so supportive,

while also providing concrete direction.  Whatever oracle used, we

find clarity that inspires action & ideas sometimes overlooked.


Check around the *20th* of each month for

the Solar Guidance of the Month!

*LEO* Sun + Personal Planets ~ 2014

~Note from Kelly ~

As the Sun moves into *LEO* (7/22 - 8/23), it activates the *Annual* Check-In with your Heart & Authentic Self, are you being true to YOU? and expressing your unique *Light & Brilliance* ~ from the inside out? Leo energy activates your Self-Love/Self-Worth issues. As you discover your unique strengths & gifts, it becomes your responsibility to share them with the Community to which you belong. There is an old idea that "whatever's inside comes out" (especially under external pressures) ... so if you are full of Love & Light, then a generosity of Spirit comes out ... if you are full of Fear & Doubt, then obstacles and blockages come out. What's inside you? in your true heart-of-hearts? Now more than ever, we must be congruent with our Inner & Outer Natures in order to thrive & evolve. If we are "serving two masters" (or incongruent on one or many levels) ~ having the private side of your nature be too drastically different from that which you present to the world ~ then you're going to have challenges, blockages and delays until you get into more alignment. Leo energy teaches us all how to BE it (your Authentic Self), not just "appear" to be it; it asks that you know who you are (and next month, Virgo will perfect it ;-)). What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your essential nature (Leo/Sun), so you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful, delicious way?
Leo time brings us the Mid-Point between Summer & Fall, activating the Gate of Power as well as the annual Pre-Harvest. It is the time of year when we assess what we can preserve and build on, in time to have a good Harvest come Fall Equinox (9/22) that will then carry us to Winter Solstice (12/21). This time is potent, especially for the ~ LEO *Initiation* ~ AQUARIUS *Integration* ~ TAURUS/SCORPIO *Test/Growth*. This time of year, every year, is considered the time of 'pre-harvest' and it is a celebration, as well as an early assessment of all that you, the individual, has been able to create or contribute. It is time to assess and celebrate how far you have come, how much you have manifested and your overall progress for this year so far. This is where you are, at a crossroads or turning point, when depending on your harvest, it is time to plan the next leg of your journey. Using Leo's heart-centered faith & confidence, as well as child-like joy & hope, you will radiate light and magnetize all that you need, desire & deserve!
An added, expanding element is Jupiter moving in to Leo (7/16) for the first time in 12-years!! This will expand & illuminate the lesson of courage, authenticity and deep self-love.When you're connected and truly love your Self, it is easy to give/receive and share/attract LOVE! When you operate from a confident, strong center, rather than insecure ego, you radiate LOVE and magnetize a similar (loving/confident) energy to you. Collectively, when you love and take care of your community, it can come together and create new, innovative structures & institutions which actually serve & support the needs of the people in the here & now. Your community can be free to grow, thrive & prosper, handling each blessing, as well as each challenge, that comes along. Cancer brought us out of the first quadrant of survival issues & basic needs to more of the individuation process (Leo) when we tend to focus more on asserting ourselves and integrating all that we learned in the last quarter. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun represents your Source - your inner Light - and all that you have come to create & contribute to the community (Aquarius). Leo energy helps you expand the concept of who you are and what you are capable of, not to mention the value of the energy & service you provide to the community. Jupiter in Leo will teach us that we can ALL be free, when we ALL do our part.

Leo Sun ~ July 22, 2014


~ FIRE ~ 6 ~ Glory ~


"The struggle has been difficult; it is as if you have fought a battle and now all you have left is the bloody fruit which you have won; make an offering of this fruit, surrender your winnings, to move into a state of harmony and beauty; you must understand that glory, however much you covet it, is a brief and fleeting thing; the truth is that which endures deep inside of yourself over time. You are now moving into a new stage of being. You experience newness, green-ness, wetness. You feel reborn into a state of higher light and basic goodness. It is as if the light of spring has come! At first, like a colt with its first uncertain steps, you may feel doubtful. But the light into which you emerge, after a transitory stay in darkness, is brilliant and beautiful. It is light by contrast to the darkness you have known and it grows directly out of allowing yourself to experience all things, both dark and light. As a result of the battles you have fought, and your excursions into a chaotic darkness, you have tapped your inner light.


FIRE ~ 6 ~ Glory (cont'd)

The inner light is shining and white, hot, burning and eternal. It is bright, clear, clean and pure, not heavy or dense.


Technically, light triggers the functional activity of the eye, the organ of sight. As a form of radiant energy traveling at 186,000 miles per second, light illuminates the way, making sight possible. Through your struggles, you have come to SEE clearly. Seeing clearly means that you are experiencing a maturation of understanding. On the Tree of Life, the Sixth Sphere is the Circle of Tiphareth, the sphere of the unification of Wisdom & Understanding. This sphere is your stage at the Six of Fire. It symbolizes the birth of a holy child, or, in the individual, the onset of Christ-, Buddha-, or Krishna-like consciousness. As you are reborn in Christ-consciousness, you come into a profound balance.

To come into balance, you must understand your patterns of creativity, work, rationality, and interaction. When all such forces blend harmoniously and stand in equal balance, Glory is the result. As you are reborn in light, the mediating force of your inner Self stands like a fulcrum, continually balancing the great forces of action, receptivity, construction and destruction. Your old and new values compromise and are united in harmony. Then you reap the benefits of all your hard work and times of Struggle (Five of Fire). You look back over your personal biography and say: So THAT'S what it has led to. When viewed in the new light, all of your past actions suddenly make sense.

The most important realization of the Six of Fire is that there is deep within you, a harmonious internal flame, one which cannot be quelled. This is the force that keeps you in balance. It is the beautiful and glorious flame of primal spirit which burns eternally, tempered by the feminine influence of goodness, loyalty and devotion. Recognizing that this beautiful flame burns within is the greatest fruit of all the difficult battles you have fought. The test of the Six of Fire is to yield up, or OFFER, the fruit of your battle. To yield the glorious discovery of the inner light to a still higher force - one that is beyond the boundaries of your Self - is the challenge of the Six. If you divide and offer your internal flame in service to the One, just as Fire multiplies by dividing, your flame will surely grow."

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -


Note from Kelly + Divinations

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CANCER / SUMMER Solstice on Mt. Shasta

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AQUARIUS ~ Mercury Retro *Glitch*

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VIRGO ~ Assessments

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*BONUS* Relevant Reflections ~ Gemini 2012 (1yr ago) (PDF)

4.28.2013 ~ Taurus/Scorpio *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

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3.24.2013 ~ Aries/Libra *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

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2.21.2013 ~ Pisces/Virgo *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

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1.27.2013 ~ Aquarius/Leo *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

        ~ Aquarius *Solar* Guidance (PDF)

1.5.2013 ~ Capricorn/Cancer *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

~ Capricorn *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


*SPECIAL* Gratitude to these

amazing souls and resources.

Tarot of the Spirit ~ TarotOfTheSpirit.com
~ Written by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D.
~ Artwork by Joyce Eakins, M.F.A.
~ Published by Weiser Books
Writing, Classes, Counseling ~ PamelaEakins.com
Pacific Mystery School ~ LightningSpiral.com
Adventures in Consciousness with Dr. Pamela Eakins    

Total I-Ching ~ Myths for Change
~ Written by Stephen Karcher

~ Cover Illustrations by David Holmes

~ Published by Piatkus/Little Brown Book Group

The I-Ching Workbook

~ Written by R.L. Wing

~ Cover Art by Leslie Fuller

~ Design by Rita Aero

~ Published by Main Street Books/Doubleday

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck ~ The Psychic Tarot Deck 
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~ Artwork by John Matson

~ Cover Design by Bryn Starr Best

~ Back of Card called "Fractal River Paradigm" by VanDorn Hinnant

~ Published by HayHouse/LifeStyles

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards ~ Colette Baron-Reid 
~ Written by Colette Baron-Reid

~ Illustrations by Gary A. Lippincott

~ Cover Design by Amy Rose Grigoriou

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The Tao Oracle Deck ~ The Tao Oracle Deck 
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(Susan Bernard Morgan-Ostapkowicz)

~ Published by St. Martins Press 

Their Spectacular Art ~ EmbraceArt.com

The Osho Zen Tarot Cards ~ The Osho Int'l Foundation
~ Text by Osho International Foundation

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~ Published by St. Martin's Press

~ The Medicine Cards ~ The Medicine Cards

The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

~ Text by Jamie Sams & David Carson

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The Mythic Tarot ~ The Centre for Psychological Astrology

A New Approach to the Tarot Cards

~ Written by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene

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~ Published by Fireside

The Goddess Knowledge Cards
~ Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet
~ Text by Michael Babcock
~ Published by Pomegranate


Let's all deepen our dedication to . . . *Infinite* Creative *FLOW*

~ *Infinite* Energetic *FLOW* ~ *Infinite* Cash *FLOW* ~

The Source of our supply is Infinite and provides more than enough channels to facilitate the abundant flow of energy, now and always.  Your contributions here will help sustain and expand this vital work.  As you make that commitment to your Self, with this tangible gesture, your flow increases and a powerful exchange of energy is multiplied. Money IS energy and energy requires flow to be useful and effective.

*Love Offerings*

Always Welcome &

Deeply Appreciated



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