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Lunar Reflections *BLOG*

*LAST* Post:  Sept 4, 2014 ~ *VIRGO* Solar & Lunar
Aug 1, 2014 ~ Heart & Soul is Activated & Engaged
July 20, 2014 ~ *LEO* Solar & Lunar Guidance


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Current Seasonal Reading ~ *FALL* Equinox Theme

September ~ December 2014

This Seasonal Reading will help you assess the past 6-9 months. This is the best 'course correction' time, so use it to correct any imbalances & release the non-essential, so you can close the year (2014) strong!

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  $75 ~ *SPECIAL* Equinox Reading (Includes Audio)

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Spring/Fall Equinox:   April/May and Sept/Oct ~ Click Here for SEPT 2014

Current Venus Cycle ~ *CAPRICORN* Theme

November 2013 ~ June 2015

This Reading will help you understand your personal Venus Activations better and the Custom Personal Guide will support you throughout the whole 18-month cycle. This is very personal *solo* self-work, however, if you would like to join the Monthly Online Circle for additional tools and resources, that's available too!

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  $150 ~ *SPECIAL* Venus Reading + Custom Guide

(Includes Your Personal Activations + Custom Guide to Monthly Practice)

I have found each week that the Medicine Card is so appropriate

and the exact message needed to set the tone for the week.

It serves as a great guide and reminder.  Enjoy!


Check in Every Sunday for

the Medicine of the Week!

September 7 - 13, 2014



FROG (#38) ~ Cleansing


Frog sings the songs that bring the rain and make the road dirt more bearable. Frog medicine is akin to water energy, and the East on the medicine wheel. Frog teaches us to honor our tears, for they cleanse the soul. All water rites belong to Frog, including all initiations by water. Water prepares and cleanses the body for sacred ceremony. It is the element we understand best in the womb. Frog, like ourselves, is a pollywog in the fetal waters, and only learns to hop after it experiences the world of fluidity. The transformation into adulthood prepares Frog for its power to call in the waters of the skies: The rain. In knowing the element of water, Frog can sing the song that calls the rain to Earth. When the ponds are dry, Frog calls upon the Thunder Beings to cleanse and replenish the Earth with water. Like Frog, we are asked to know when it is time to refresh, purify, and refill the coffers of the soul.

MORE ...

If Frog hopped into the cards you chose today, its “ribet” may be calling in the cleansing you need. If you were to look at where you are today, would you use any of the following words to describe your condition: tired, overloaded, harried, frustrated, guilty, itchy, nervous, at a loss, empty or weakened?

If so, take a break and allow yourself to bathe in the waters of Frog medicine. This could mean a long, relaxing bath, disconnecting the phone, yelling “stop,” or taking in deep, cleansing breaths.

The key thought is to find a way to rid yourself of distractions and to replace the mud with clear energy. Then replenish your parched spirit, body and mind.

An ability of Frog medicine people is to give support and energy where it is needed. A Frog medicine person can clean negativity from any environment. Many mediums or clairvoyants who work with cleaning “haunted” houses carry Frog medicine. Many of the world’s seers use water on their hands when tapping into other realms of reality due to water’s super-conductive nature.

In Mayan and Aztec shamanistic practices, the shaman places water in his or her mouth and sprays it over the body of a patient to clear away negative energy. This is done while holding the thought of Frog firmly in the mind so that healing may occur and the patient may be replenished with positive energy. Sometimes dried and stuffed Frogs are also used to guard the person’s body during the session.

Frog speaks of new life and harmony through its rain song. The deep tones of Frog’s “ribet” are said to be a call to the Thunder Beings: thunder, lightning, and rain. The “ribet” is the heartbeat that comes into harmony with Father Sky and calls for the replenishment needed. Call to Frog and find peace in the joy of taking time to give to yourself. A part of this giving is cleansing yourself and ANY PERSON, PLACE OR THING that does not contribute to your new state of serenity and replenishment.


CONTRARY: If you are operating from Shadow ...

If Frog slipped in the mud and is lying on its back, unable to right itself. Get ready for more mud in your eye.

The contrary position of Frog can denote an unwillingness on your part to wipe the mire out of your life. Mud can turn from mire to bog to quicksand if you don’t recognize its effect on your present situation.

Is someone draining your energy? Are you allowing yourself to ride down the tubes with them? Have you tried to settle someone else’s quarrel and gotten in the line of fire? STOP! Recognize what it is that is mucking up the lily pond. Swim with Frog. Frog’s bug eyes see it all. Dive deeply, and then hop to the next lily pad to catch the sun. in this way you may see exactly what has been draining your energy.

At times, all of life’s activities can be overwhelming, and everyone occasionally needs a break. Contrary Frog an signal one of these moments, but can also portend a time of feeling waterlogged. In feeling waterlogged, you may be dealing with too many emotions or feelings. This is to say that “the world is too much with you,” or that you have immersed yourself in one idea or activity to the exclusion of all other facets of your life. If this is the case, a break from routine is suggested. Hop to other lily pads or visit other ponds for a while.

Negativity is drawn to you when you refuse to give yourself the time and space needed to assume a new viewpoint. Frog in the contrary position is an omen that you are courting disaster if you don’t stop and smell the lilies, eat some flies, bask in the sun, and “ribet” until the rain comes to re your spirit.




~ The Medicine Cards ~ The Medicine Cards

The Discovery of Power

Through the Ways of Animals

~ Text by Jamie Sams & David Carson

~ Illustrations by Angela Werneke

~ Published by St. Martin's Press


I have created Special Readings for all *8* Sacred Seasons.

They are designed to guide & support us for each 6-8 week season. 

Check in for the Guidance & Support of the Season!

~ *FALL* Equinox 2014 ~

Sept 22 - Dec 21, 2014

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I have found each month that the Lunar Guidance is so supportive,

while also providing concrete direction.  Whatever oracle used, we

find clarity that inspires action & ideas sometimes overlooked.


Check around the *20th* of each month for

the Lunar Guidance of the Month!

*VIRGO/PISCES* Lunation ~ 2014

~Note from Kelly ~

This month I'd like to first share that a common theme has been emerging recently: healing between Fathers & Daughters. So, for those of you feeling that too, or in need of such a healing, this month, it is tremendously supported. In a less personal and more broad sense, it is also yet another recalibration of the Masculine & Feminine energy within & around us that was activated in a huge way with the turn of 2012. On so many levels, we must heal our individual connection to the Masculine ~ how we (male or female) express it, as well as how we receive it from the actual men in our life. Light a candle, do some forgiveness prayer-work if you feel called to do so, as it is a tremendously potent time to heal & release the past once and for all. For further validation, this month's Lunar & Solar Guidance gave us Earth Mother for the Sun in Virgo and ALL 4 Fathers ~ Earth, Fire, Water & Wind ~ for the weekly Lunar Guidance. This too reflects the *balance* of Masculine & Feminine, and possible role-reversals within & without that are necessary.
To honor the Masculine "things to do/express/outward" energy of the Sun in Virgo, we must use the Earth Mother's Feminine energy to honor all 4 Elements in order to be productive in the world. She indicates that if we pay attention to how the Elements work ~ both constructively & destructively ~ we can be much more effective players in the world.
To honor the Feminine "things to feel/reflect/inward" energy of the Moon in Virgo (and Mutable Signs of Sag, Pisces & Virgo), we must use each Element (each week), adapting, flowing & changing consciously as the energies move & shift. Here, we will use our Masculine energy to "do something" about what our Feminine energy is feeling. Note that this is not to say change with every passing mood, but moreso to be flexible and responsive to where the energy is flowing and where it is blocked or stagnant, then make a decision & act accordingly (or not). Your Feminine intuits what is happening, as well as the proper response. Your Masculine responds, makes the decision and follows through on your behalf.
The Virgo New Moon (8/25) comes every year and presents us with an opportunity to reboot the *System* ~ which usually entails creating a whole new routine as well. Theoretically, during the last Lunation (Leo/Aquarius), we decided what we were going to *express* (more authenticity) and *invest in* (more value/new priorities), both Self & Community. Now, Virgo-time supports integrating all that you have learned about your core essential nature (Leo) recently, into a new routine and creating a completely new System for living, that will support you better in the here & now. It's time to digest, assimilate & integrate the last 9-months specifically. Also deeply supported this month is acknowledging (and releasing) any *regrets*, mourning any true losses or deaths and deepening your dedication to that which is vital, strong, healthy & evolving (within & around you).
Pre-Harvest *Assessments* (Aug/Sept) always reveal what does or does not support your Physical & Spiritual Selves. Twice a year (Feb/Mar & Aug/Sept), we have to take time out to check in on the Physical Body (Virgo) & Spiritual Being (Pisces). If you're healthy, great! But if you have pushed yourself to the limits, it's time to pull-back and recalibrate. We also have to check in with our Spiritual Being. If your practice is strong and supporting you, great! But if you have neglected your yoga or meditation, silence or sleep, again, this is the best time to recalibrate.
This is *pause for maintenance* time, which leads to Libra New Moon (9/24) when *NEW* Relationships & Collaborations will present themselves and you want to be as clean (Virgo) and centered & clear about the vision (Pisces) for your life as possible by then. With Virgo energy, we can get "stuck" on the little things, lose our perspective and block our own flow. Please understand that doing the tasks that are supported by the energy (ie, get organized, take inventory, clean up & clear out in preparation for working/playing with others in Libra) - doing what is supported - will just make it easier to get things done, as well as facilitate better results, so don't resist the energy at this time. Right now, we are all being asked to take a time-out to Assess, Digest & Assimilate all that has been stirred up in the past 9-months. It is time to Process & Integrate what is working and release that which is not. What - or I should say - Who did you *seed* with the Aries New Moon back in March 2014? Each month has led you to this point and Virgo time always asks the questions: What is practical? And what can your individual system actually handle and maintain?

VIRGO  New Moon ~ August 25, 2014



~ EARTH ~ Father ~


~ The Spirit of Fertilization ~


“There is a sense of joyous practicality reflected in the circumstances of daily life; you are experiencing a sense of "wealth" spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically; through self-knowledge, potential is mastered; vast "fields" have been tilled and prosperity has been the result; this is the right mode of working and living; persist in this way and you will continue to prosper. The Earth Father is the strength, power and spirit of the Earth, the physical plane, and the epitome of material success. He is well-balanced, spiritually, emotionally & intellectually. This is because he is well acquainted with his deepest inner Self. Thru self-knowledge, he has mastered his potential: actualizing or materializing everything he wishes.With this tremendous capacity, he does not experience uncertainty or anxiety. He has the eternal steadiness & reliability of a mountain. He radiates accomplishment.

~ EARTH ~ Father ~ The Spirit of Fertilization    (cont'd)

The Earth Father is in control of vast lands, symbolically or literally, which he cultivates in a masterful way. Using his great gift of stability, he brings about the best in that which he "touches."There is an important secret in his wisdom. This is the key to his success: he studies the patterns of Nature and imitates Her in every way. That is the key to his material prosperity. He has learned that Nature will obey his every command if he works within Her Law.”

- Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

Sagittarius First Qtr Moon (9/2) indicates that the first step toward your Virgo New Moon (8/25) Intentions and has something to do with owning the *new truth* of who you are on a Heart-Level (Leo). Virgo time (Aug-Sept) brings the annual *personal* assessments that will create the new *system* to support the "new you" that you discovered during the last month in Leo, so this whole month is basically about creating a new routine for your new Self. Use this week to activate the new routine, be hopeful & optimistic but most of all, be fired up about Life and future possibilities. Our guidance for this week reminds us that Fire needs a proper container & guide to be useful and we should always be attuned to the Elements (which also keeps coming up) and how they work and affect our lives. Fire Father says, "...in order to remain successful, in addition to staying consciously attuned, he must balance the fiery part of himself with the other major elements: Earth, Wind and Water. Connection with these elements - EARTH for grounding; WIND for rational thinking; WATER for emotional commitment - will both fan and temper his flames." I think Fire Father represents Sag energy really well: "the master of growth, inner development, and increased perception." Use this week's energy for what it is good for and expand the vision of your life (along with taking a tangible step ; -)).

SAGITTARIUS First Qtr Moon ~ September 2, 2014


~ FIRE ~ Father ~ The Spirit of Flame ~

“You are experiencing the sense of conviction; there is much movement, energy is surging; you feel the power of leadership; you are rapidly moving toward a new way of knowing; a new viewpoint or perspective on matters; regulate your activity; be careful not to burn yourself out in this high energy period. He holds the greatest promise, but he needs the balance of CONSCIOUS conviction to keep his spark alive and on track. To avoid burning wildly or burning out, he must be attuned, grounded, rational and emotionally committed. That is, in order to remain successful, in addition to staying consciously attuned, he must balance the fiery part of himself with the other major elements: Earth, Wind and Water. Connection with these elements - Earth for grounding; Wind for rational thinking; Water for emotional commitment - will both fan and temper his flames. The essence of the tempering process is to keep the processes of production and destruction in active balance.


~ FIRE ~ Father ~ The Spirit of Flame    (cont'd)

Remaining TEMPERATE is the processual goal of Fire Father. Fire Father symbolizes the inner connection to wisdom. With the wisdom that results from balance and proper attunement, Fire Father becomes the master of growth, inner development, and increased perception. Growing through every challenge, he becomes the essence of dynamic change in conscience and consciousness. Moving in tune with the cosmic flow, he becomes dedicated, powerful, loyal and noble: the very essence of success and leadership.” 

- Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The *LEO* Gate of Power/Cross Qtr (8/7) is about *PRESERVING* what is growing strong, solid, useful and nourishing ... while releasing density, weight & excess to be composted in to something more useful in the season to come. It's a time of gratitude & celebration, in anticipation of the Fall Equinox season of Harvest. Some call this the Pre-Harvest. You can get a jump-start on assessing the year if you've completed your "clearing & releasing" process. If not, this is the final *purge* in preparation for the Harvest Season. Artemis, Goddess of Moon & Hunt is also associated with this Sacred Season and supports us this season to drop deep in to our Hearts (Leo) to connect with what we really love, and renew our dedication to that. It's time to position your Self for an expanded perspective at this time. Explore your options with fresh eyes! Allow your instincts to guide you on your Path and Trust the Divine Feminine within & around you, that She will *contain, nurture and protect* all life, now and always. Artemis reminds us to honor that which sustains us and to always aim your magical arrow at only the most precious dreams, your deepest heart's desire.

Click Here for 2014 ~ *LEO* Gate of Power Reading ~

Click Here to Order Your Personal *Crossing Borders* Reading ~

(USEFUL & RELEVANT: Aug 1 - Sept 22, 2014)

LEO Gate of Power/Cross Qtr ~ August 7, 2014



~ VIII ~ Strength ~


"The truth comes from within yourself, it is your own deep inner light which, in good conscience, you ought to follow if you wish to discover happiness; this truth uncoils within you like a great serpent, acknowledge its movement, do not try to repress its stirrings; be strong and courageous for you will find that truth is bliss; seek bliss to find bliss; even though you cannot see the future right now, if you do what your heart of hearts says is right, you will come to happiness. The lesson of Key VIII is to place your emphasis on the process of creation as opposed to the product. The essential experience of Key VIII is understanding the jubilation that emerges from allowing the creative force to flow freely. The creative process is the force of spirit moving through the hand of Self. Product is static and flat. Product is form which will always be outgrown and cast aside. Form is an empty shell. Force is the breath and the source of life.

XIII ~ Strength (cont'd)

The force/process is the spirit in constant renewal; the focus of force is on beingness. The future is, by nature, uncertain. The past is no longer. The now is. In the process of being, you are, at all times, engaged in the endless cycle of repetition and renewal. The past is not this moment and yet this moment is forever moving into the past. Your Strength comes from understanding the timelessness of process. Process is forever. This knowledge is your power. This knowledge becomes your bliss. When you are rightly attuned, the force of your internal fire - the lifeforce and seat of your power - is strengthened by the Wind. Only when your flame is weak does it require protection."

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The Pisces Super Full Moon (9/8) brings an Annual opportunity to *Release* any/all illusions/delusions about who you are or how you're living. At this time, more than ever, your Inner Truth must *match* your Outer Reality ~ we are encouraged to be *congruent*. In other words, those who are most in-alignment within & without ~ those who are living Authentic lives, are moving through with a relative amount of ease & grace. Please don't confuse this with not having any challenges, loss or disappointment, just that navigating & decision-making is a lot easier when your Private Life and Public Image are congruent. If you are living a life completely contrary to your core essential Nature, then you are probably feeling the energies of change most intensely, but also supremely supported for the integration & wholeness.
Some describe it like going to a lavish party, having a great time (Illusion) and then, unexpectedly, receiving the bill (Reality). We are all "paying" for our own illusions, delusions & denials, to the degree that we each have them (everything is customized for the individual even though these are social & collective energies affecting us all). Anyway, big illusion - big bill, small delusion - small price. Either way, you're accountable so use this Super Full Moon to truly look at that which is being most brightly *Illuminated* for you personally and use the energy to transcend that which has historically held you back.
This Super Full Moon is an opportunity to *Release* all that you discovered is no longer part of the *System* of your life. Upgrades are necessary periodically and this is an *Annual* chance to create space for you to *Integrate* ~ your healing ~ your wholeness ~ your Truth ~ and ultimately your faith in Self & the Universe!! Fears, phobias and unhealthy fantasies, which delude and delay, can now recede with the tide, returning to Gaia/Mother/Source, as She who knows the proper blessing to cleanse & infuse them with the love and light that transforms them in to useful, imaginative ideas and creative solutions that are Based ~ Sourced ~ Rooted ~ within your own unique individual SoulSelf.
This Super Full Moon in Pisces is a potent opportunity to flush your entire system of the past and any toxicity which may be creating blockages in the flow of your life. Pause, assess and decide. The next step will become obvious once you do that. Even the Guidance speaks to the answer being more accessible if you be still and listen for your intuitive guidance, then trust it and act on your own behalf! Virgo/Pisces is all about learning to trust your body (gut instincts) as well as your intuition (inner knowing) but naturally, it becomes a practice throughout your life.

PISCES Super/Full Moon ~ September 8, 2014


~ WATER ~ Father ~


~ The Spirit of Water~


“Listen to your conscience; trust in your impulses; be guided by your instincts and intuition; you are in a gentle and sensitive period, it is like falling in love all over again; wonderful things may come of your endeavors; have faith and maintain self-confidence. The Water Father stands between currents. In stillness, he discovers power and energy. Knowing this strength makes his journey successful. He is the very spirit of feeling, the spirit of the subconscious. He is "gut level" instinct, operating intuitively and emotionally; his intuition guides him in breaking down and solving problems. He represents Water's power of solution. In this stillness is the spark of creativity. Water Father gets himself into trouble when he tries to move against his own natural flow. He can come to feel trapped and bitter. He does well when he moves in the rhythm dictated by his innate, instinctual desires, which are - deep down - directed toward the highest good.


~ WATER ~ Father ~ The Spirit of Water  (cont'd)

He is truly free when his will is aligned with the cosmic will: the will of truth. How does the Water Father recognize the truth? He attunes himself to nudges from the cosmos. He places the guidance of his conscience above all.”

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -

~Note from Kelly ~

The Gemini Last Qtr Moon (9/15) brings a final push to change your mind, in some way, to align with your heart, or perhaps a change of heart will reveal the logical next step. This month is preparation for Fall Equinox & Libra time, when whoever is magnetized in to your energy field will reflect an aspect of your Self that you have *perfected* over the last 6-months to 1-year ... and conversely, what you may still have to work on a bit. Either way, all your personal, individual work in the last 6-9 months has led to *here* and the Mutable *Thinking & Perceiving* Virgo/Pisces is leading to Cardinal *Action & Choices* of Libra/Aries in the realm of who you are and what you want, in both your public & private relationships. There will be a natural evolution toward radically new & different support systems, relationships, partnerships & collaborations (don't resist who's leaving or coming in, just watch with detachment at first) with the Libra New Moon (9/24). And there will be a natural evolution within you (each individual), as you release that which is no longer really who you are or what you want, to the tune of 20-years, that will be activated by the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (10/8). (Your frame of reference for this 19-year lunar cycle is: The Last Aries/Libra Eclipses + Libra North Node: 1995-1997 and the Last Aries/Libra Eclipses + Aries North Node: 2004-2006.)
As you prepare for your own next level of self-expression and personal work, this week's Guidance indicates that even though you may be processing a lot of thoughts & ideas all at once, you are supported to move in the right direction, if/when you take in to account your "spiritual, loving and physical being." Wind Father suggests a starting point is your own conscience, and offers some relevant questions to reflect on as you consider upcoming decisions. "To discover, utilize & apply his fullest ability, the Wind Father needs to tune in to his conscience. Of the product of his analytical process, he should ask: Is it safe? Is it good? Is it important? Does it matter? Will it preserve and enhance the Mother Earth? Will it relieve the suffering of humanity?"
In closing, all the Masculine/Father guidance (Divinations) really supports another recurring theme: developing a positive animus within (Divine Masculine) and this goes for both men & women. The way I'm defining Masculine is that aspect of our SoulSelf that guides us to (1) maintain integrity, (2) create the guidelines to follow, (3) maintain proper boundaries, and (4) negotiate on your behalf. These are all things we can cultivate & develop with our evolved consciousness and energetic support of the global shift. Ultimately, Virgo energy is all about being practical, natural & healthy. And somehow, we ALL need to integrate our Masculine/Feminine on one or many levels, and since integration never happens all at once (but is a gradual daily process), Virgo-time gives us support (each year) to stabilize or eliminate something for the sole purpose of strengthening & fortifying our system in general.

GEMINI Last Qtr Moon ~ September 15, 2014



~ WIND ~ Father ~


~ The Will to Transcend ~


“An analytical period;thought is very powerful;the power of the intellect is bounded by neither time nor space; your bounded by neither time nor space; your ideas are brilliant and highly rational, but as you move through intense mental processes, do not lose touch with yourself as a spiritual, loving, physical being.If Wind Father can come to understand the patterns of his own intellect, and begin to align himself with the Wind of divine reason, he will have the capacity to move to incredible heights. He must understand that human science is growing. There is much that cannot be explained via a rational, analytical process. Science is, by nature, imperfect, but truth is, by nature, perfect. In his exalted state, Wind Father thinks according to the higher truth.

~ WIND ~ Father ~ The Will to Transcend  (cont'd)

To discover, utilize & apply his fullest ability, the Wind Father needs to tune in to his conscience. Of the product of his analytical process, he should ask: Is it safe? Is it good? Is it important? Does it matter? Will it preserve and enhance the Mother Earth? Will it relieve the suffering of humanity?”

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -



Tarot of the Spirit ~ TarotOfTheSpirit.com

~ Written by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D.

~ Artwork by Joyce Eakins, M.F.A.

~ Published by Weiser Books

Writing, Classes, Counseling ~ PamelaEakins.com

Pacific Mystery School ~ LightningSpiral.com

Adventures in Consciousness with Dr. Pamela Eakins

I have found each month that the Solar Guidance is so supportive,

while also providing concrete direction.  Whatever oracle used, we

find clarity that inspires action & ideas sometimes overlooked.


Check around the *20th* of each month for

the Solar Guidance of the Month!

*VIRGO* Sun + Personal Planets ~ 2014

~Note from Kelly ~

As the Sun moves in to Virgo (8/23 - 9/22), it activates the *Annual* Check-In with your Personal System & Daily Routine, is it healthy & sustainable? This is preparation for the *Harvest* on multiple levels and particularly potent for the *Mutable* Family ~ VIRGO *Initiation* ~ PISCES *Integration* ~ GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS *Test/Growth*. The energy this month supports you assessing your strengths and weaknesses and re-committing to balancing your soul-work (Pisces) with your daily work (Virgo); allowing the fragmented aspects (Virgo) of life to come into a cohesive whole (Pisces); and focusing on the little things (Virgo) that make the grand vision (of your life) work (Pisces).
We are coming out of Fixed energy (Leo), which has activated both the need to stabilize certain things, as well as release (permanently) some aspect of Self, so that your life can actually work, in the physical reality you're currently living. That said, no matter how bad it is, change really is only one decision and a renewed commitment away. We are now moving in to Mutable energy of Virgo, which is going to help us process & assimilate all that has died/left/ended and make the necessary arrangements for new life to come in and thrive. Think: Nesting in the sense that you are preparing space for something new in your life. But because it is Virgo, it is more about how this new life/energy/direction is going to actually work in to your natural rhythm & routine.
*IF* you made a ton of new connections & friends recently, and all your creativity activated, and your heart engaged, then Virgo energy comes in and helps you create a new system and help you get used to your new rhythm. It's time to create a whole new daily routine that better supports who you are and are becoming. We're all finding various systems and routines (that have historically worked) are now obsolete and no longer work (for whatever reason). That is always a clear indication that it is time for a new one. And *IF* you are able to create one (while tweaking and leaving it open to ongoing revisions in the beginning), then when Libra comes next month, you'll be able to really make those connections with others, personally or professionally, and create some powerful new relationships & collaborations.
HOWEVER, if you have spent the last month of Leo examining your own self-worth, wondering why you magnetize certain things & people, and repel others, and generally feeling like the life you're living does NOT reflect who you are in your heart-of-hearts, then this month of Virgo will help you heal aspect(s) of Self that will enable you too, to take advantage of coming opportunities in Libra.
That said, another round of Cardinal energy is on the way (along with Eclipses in Aries & Scorpio), so use Virgo to restore your energy, replenish your Self, tend to your health & fitness, and create a daily practice that supports your current goals & aspirations. If you are resistant to doing whatever it takes to strengthen that trust within (your intuition), just note that the road will be that much more challenging for you. If you resist change and seek to control anything or anyone outside of Self, you are in for a bumpy & painful ride. If you want things to "go back", you will be disappointed. So rather than resist the changes disrupting your life at this time, try silence, deep breaths, and intuitive, heart-centered decision-making. Use the earthy, practical energy of Virgo to direct the powerful, current flow of energy, get *Present* to 'here & now' and take things one step at a time.
*VIRGO* is the *best* time of the year (Aug-Sept) to:
· Release guilt & regret and Embrace the value of each experience's lesson, while forgiving your Self & others along the way.
· Release criticism & judgment and Embrace compassion & patience with the process of activating your new rhythm & routine.
· Release the need to have everything "perfect" before expressing it and Embrace trusting your Self to know how to respond in any moment.
· Release all petty distractions & people-pleasing and Embrace your inner authority to direct your own life (consciously).

VIRGO  Sun ~ August 23, 2014


~ EARTH ~ Mother ~


~ Threshold to Birth ~


“You are experiencing a high level of compassion; the creative forces of your life must be quietly nurtured; cultivated "fields" will eventually bloom; love every stick, stone, plant and animal and you will experience great bounty; be diligent in attuning to every detail of the work required as you tend your "garden"; it is time to rejoice in your own life and to help create a joyous life for others. Earth Mother understands how to move with the ways of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. This is because she knows the Fire, Water, Wind & Earth of herself. Through careful observation, she has come to understand each element's constructive and destructive capability. Through allowing herself to be tamed by the elements - to accept the power of their force - she has learned to control them in return. She encourages their activity.


~EARTH ~ Mother ~ Threshold to Birth  (cont'd)

Because she serves them well, they are at her command. In this way, she holds the universe, internally and externally, in the palm of her hand & makes it work. But her control is neither aggressive nor possessive. She is highly successful in a calm and passive way, and while she is serene, she is not the least bit removed or emotionally distant from her endeavors. Her compassion is of the highest level and she is always persistently and diligently involved in every detail of the work required for tending her garden through the passing seasons.”

  - Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit -


Note from Kelly + Divinations


~ Virgo/Pisces *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Virgo *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Leo/Aquarius *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Leo *Solar* Guidance (PDF)

CANCER / SUMMER Solstice on Mt. Shasta


~ Gemini/Sag *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Gemini *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Taurus/Scorpio *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Taurus *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Aries/Libra *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Aries *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Pisces/Virgo *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Pisces *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Mercury Retro *Glitch*


~ Capricorn/Cancer *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Capricorn *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Sag/Gemini *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Sagittarius *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Scorpio/Taurus *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Scorpio *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Libra/Aries *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Libra *Solar* Guidance (PDF)

VIRGO ~ Assessments


~ Leo/Aquarius *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Leo *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Cancer/Capricorn *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Cancer *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Gemini/Sagittarius *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Gemini *Solar* Guidance (PDF)

*BONUS* Relevant Reflections ~ Gemini 2012 (1yr ago) (PDF)


~ Taurus/Scorpio *Lunar* Eclipse Guidance (PDF)

~ Taurus *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Aries/Libra *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

~ Aries *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Pisces/Virgo *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

~ Pisces *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Aquarius/Leo *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

~ Aquarius *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


~ Capricorn/Cancer *Lunar* Guidance (PDF)

~ Capricorn *Solar* Guidance (PDF)


*SPECIAL* Gratitude to these

amazing souls and resources.

Tarot of the Spirit ~ TarotOfTheSpirit.com
~ Written by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D.
~ Artwork by Joyce Eakins, M.F.A.
~ Published by Weiser Books
Writing, Classes, Counseling ~ PamelaEakins.com
Pacific Mystery School ~ LightningSpiral.com
Adventures in Consciousness with Dr. Pamela Eakins    

Total I-Ching ~ Myths for Change
~ Written by Stephen Karcher

~ Cover Illustrations by David Holmes

~ Published by Piatkus/Little Brown Book Group

The I-Ching Workbook

~ Written by R.L. Wing

~ Cover Art by Leslie Fuller

~ Design by Rita Aero

~ Published by Main Street Books/Doubleday

The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck ~ The Psychic Tarot Deck 
~ Text by John Holland

~ Artwork by John Matson

~ Cover Design by Bryn Starr Best

~ Back of Card called "Fractal River Paradigm" by VanDorn Hinnant

~ Published by HayHouse/LifeStyles

The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards ~ Colette Baron-Reid 
~ Written by Colette Baron-Reid

~ Illustrations by Gary A. Lippincott

~ Cover Design by Amy Rose Grigoriou

~ Published by HayHouse/LifeStyles

The Tao Oracle Deck ~ The Tao Oracle Deck 
~ Text & Artwork by Ma Deva Padma

(Susan Bernard Morgan-Ostapkowicz)

~ Published by St. Martins Press 

Their Spectacular Art ~ EmbraceArt.com

The Osho Zen Tarot Cards ~ The Osho Int'l Foundation
~ Text by Osho International Foundation

~ Illustrations by Ma Deva Padma  

~ Published by St. Martin's Press

~ The Medicine Cards ~ The Medicine Cards

The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

~ Text by Jamie Sams & David Carson

~ Illustrations by Angela Werneke

~ Published by St. Martin's Press

The Mythic Tarot ~ The Centre for Psychological Astrology

A New Approach to the Tarot Cards

~ Written by Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene

~ Illustrations by Tricia Newell

~ Published by Fireside

The Goddess Knowledge Cards
~ Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet
~ Text by Michael Babcock
~ Published by Pomegranate


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