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About Kelly, the Website and the Work ... All of my work, speaking and writing, is geared toward understanding and dealing with personal, social and collective *CYCLES* ~ so you can be more effective as you navigate your chosen Path. This work is essentially geared toward self-awareness, self-empowerment and, ultimately, the deep SELF-WORK.I have been a professional intuitive astrologer since 1996. I am currently focused on identifying and studying the various planetary cycles in our lives and how we can maximize their potential to access our own Authentic Rhythms and understand our Individual Cycles. I'm developing diverse and useful Karmic Tools™ that are practical for modern living, designed to provoke thought & allow you to connect to your own individual Truth & Purpose.


~ Current *Sacred* Season, Energy & Cycles ~



On this website, you will find both basic and complex information. You will find highlights and details. You will find the written word and audio samples (and downloads). Depending on your level of consciousness and method of learning, there is something for everyone. Please explore a bit, check out the samples for a better understanding of my style because it is not for everyone.  Those truly ready to commit to the discipline, dedication and deep Self-work will find the information compelling and supportive. Those looking for simple or predictive astrology will, hopefully, be moved to explore more deeply. Karmic Tools help you understand your own personal *blueprint*, connect to your Purpose, create a fulfilling life that reflects your most authentic Truth and honors your innate Rhythm.


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*LIBRA* ~ Fall Equinox ~ 2014 ~


~ Susan Seddon Boulet, Artist ~


This *Sacred Season* is About ...

Integration & Expansion of *Life*

~ Gather & Harvest ~

Assess what you've produced/accomplished in the last 6-9mo

~ Evaluate & Rectify ~

Assess what worked and what did not work

~ Balance & Integrate ~

Assess what you need to do/have/be more or less of going forward

~ Pause for the Cause ~

Transition times are times to be still, tune in and prepare for new season



~ *Fall* Equinox ~ Harvest Time ~ Rhythm is a beautiful thing! Taking some time at the turn of each Sacred Season notifies the Universe that you are ready, willing and able to co-create with Mother Earth. *Fall* Equinox is the time of year to bring all your projects to a close, finish whatever you can and start looking toward new projects. Balance and Integrate what is working and release the rest. If you willingly (and lovingly) release that which is not working, the next Season will go a lot smoother when you go to truly close the year in preparation for a new Solar year. Harvest is about assessing and gathering all that you've created for the year, and ultimately, reaping the rewards of all your hard work and labor.


Some of your *Harvest* will be tangible, creative projects that can/will bear fruit now that they are complete or in place ... and some of your *Harvest* will be intangible in that you have further cultivated your own Being over the last year and now you (and others) can benefit from your personal integration and strength. Align with your Higher Self and goals for the coming season. Fall Equinox is a time of BALANCE. It is time of balance between Light & Shadow and takes us from movement out in the world, to more inner, "work with what you've got" energy, using your resources and creations to BUILD ON, primarily behind the scenes in preparation for Spring Initiation, 6-months from now.


Venus, when it rules Libra, reminds us that *ALL* LIFE is inextricably connected. Any imbalances affect all life (eventually). As living, conscious Beings, we strive for balance in all that we think, feel, say & do. You can access your inner-Libra & re-center, so you are more effective in your Being-ness & more useful to Life.

Fall Equinox gives you the opportunity to reflect on what needs to be assessed and/or released to prepare you for the next Sacred Season.

--Release all toxic relationships, burdens or obligations
--Release all people & circumstances which have completed their purpose
--Release all imbalance within Self, as well as with those you interact with
--Release all additional weight you may be carrying (physical, emotional etc)

--Assess the value & Assign the priority of your current resources
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of your current community
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of your current relationships
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of art, creativity & cultivation of beauty

~ *SCORPIO* Gate of Power/Cross Qtr ~ 2014 ~


~ Maxine Miller, Artist ~

This *Sacred Season* is About ...

Surrendering the Year & Inviting the Ancestors' Magic

Time to prepare for seasonal shift

Time for honoring that which is complete

(aspects of your Being & world)


 Time for honoring the dead (ancestors etc) 

Time to prepare for several months of INNER Self-Work


Time when the veils between dimensions are thinnest, easing communications

Time for honoring the end of a cycle, while glimpsing the new cycle about to begin  



*SCORPIO* Gate of Power/Cross Quarter ~ Samhain ~ Honoring the Invisible Assistance ~ This completes the *8* Sacred Seasons of the Solar Year. You've done all you can do for the last 10+ months and now you must surrender. You have been intuitively guided and completely supported the whole time ... whether you were aware of it or not. All seasonal shifts call your attention to *BALANCE* and remind you to, periodically, tune in to your Heart, Mother Nature and Great Spirit. This is the time of year for *CLOSURE* ~ within and without. The Cross Quarter Seasons (between each of the Solstices and Equinoxes) have long been considered to be *Gates of Power* ~ a threshold that offers access to other realms of existence, other Dimensions which are relevant and connected to our 3rd Dimension.


During this time of year, reflection on the past and rumination on the future commingle. The angels, ancestors and spirit guides should be honored and will be more accessible for communing with at this time of the year. You can ask for their guidance on the lesson and purpose of certain events/experiences of the past year and/or you can ask for guidance on how to proceed during the coming year. After completion, clearing and release, it is an especially good time to sit with the Empty Space for a period of time. This is a Infinitely potent time ~ "in between" ~ a place, also referred to as the "Sweet Spot" - that very thin membrane between *SEED* and *NEW* Life. Plant your seeds of the future during this dark time and be still, listen, invite *LIFE*. This 6-week period prior to Winter Solstice has the longest nights, implying rest, work behind closed doors and moving through any darkness. It is time to restore strength and prepare for the Light's return, when things will again begin to quicken.

*SCORPIO* represents the most potent time of the year ... Scorpio as ruled by Mars asks, "What do you deeply desire?" Scorpio as ruled by Pluto asks, "What are you willing to sacrifice to have that desire fulfilled?"

   Are you willing to ... *SACRIFICE* ...
~ skepticism ... for critical thinking? ~
~ fear
... for love? ~
~ doubt
... for faith? ~
~ poverty consciousness
... for abundance? ~
~ groundless low self-esteem
... for knowing who you are? ~
~ false pride
... for true confidence? ~


This is the time when the life/death/life cycle is at work, highlighting the area of your life where you may experience an ending and subsequent new beginning; this is also the most potent energy to create with, so be co-creative, pro-active and watch your thoughts and inner dialogues; this also represents karma, which can be actual karma (results of your actions, choices & decisions) or simply the results of your fall harvest ~ all that you have created for the year and how well it will serve your needs thru the winter into the new year. It is a time to 'Honor the Dead' which can apply to friends and family who are no longer on this plane of existence with us, though their essence never dies and becomes more accessible at this time. Or it can also apply to your Being, your creative projects, cycles in your life that are now complete. In between a completion and initiating a new cycle, project or part of your Self, a 'time-out' ~ rest ~ reverence ~ reflection are all highly recommended. Also, Samhain (pronounced sa-win) is the final of the *8* Sacred Seasons of the year when people who honor Mother Earth celebrate each turn of the wheel, each cycle. This is the season between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice, so there is an element of 'harvest' still going on, however, it is more about *Surrender* and rest in preparation for new life. Mother Earth rests in one part of the world so that She can nourish the other half of the world with Light & Life (hemispheres).




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